Pearl Jam ‘Not in a Rush’ to Finish New Album, Says Guitarist


Story by Anne Erickson

Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard says it’s ‘hard to say’ when the Seattle grunge band will finish their new album

Fans waiting for Pearl Jam to announce details on their upcoming studio album are going to have to wait a wee bit longer. Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard has dropped the news that Eddie Vedder and the guys are “not in a rush” to finish a new album and that “there’s no urgency to it.”

“I don’t know, it’s hard to say,” Gossard told Rolling Stone, when asked how far along Pearl Jam are with their latest studio set. “We’ve recorded some songs, and we’re going to record and write some more. You never know. It might be that we’re a song away or two, or it might be that we’re going to record six or seven more songs. I think the main thing is that were not in a rush and there’s no urgency to it… ”

One thing’s for certain: Pearl Jam’s next album will show the band branching out and experimenting musically. “ …The most important thing is that we put something out that continues to expand our boundaries rather than trying to follow what we’ve done in the past,” said the Seattle guitarist. “I think it’s a good time to hopefully continue to experiment, and continue to shake it up. So that people can go, ‘Wow, that’s kind of weird for Pearl Jam,’ and then 10 years later they can go, ‘Oh, that’s my favorite period.’ Which is always kind of what happens. You try something and at first everybody doesn’t necessarily understand it, and then you look back and you go, thank God we tried something new, because it really opened a door up for us to be able to do this and this and this beyond that.”

In the meantime, Gossard is keeping plenty active with his band Brad, which are set to release their new album, “United We Stand,” April 24 via Razor & Tie. The 10-track collection features songs that pay tribute to the group’s two decade-plus career.


Anne Erickson
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