Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard Releases Video for ‘Diamond Blues’ with Brad


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Stone Gossard readies release with his band Brad

With the recent news that Pearl Jam are “not in a rush” and feel “no urgency” to pop out the follow up to their last studio album, “Backspacer,” fans might find consolation in the fact Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard is keeping musically active with his band Brad. The band — which brings Gossard, Satchel singer Shawn Smith, Regan Hagar and Keith Lowe — have actually been rocking out for two decades, and now they’re using that experience together to put out the group’s fifth album, “United We Stand,” which drops on April 24 via Razor & Tie. Check out Brad’s music video for “Diamond Blues,” below, courtesy of Rolling Stone.

Gossard says it’s been a tad strange juggling both Pearl Jam and Brad’s duties over the past two decades. “It’s been a strange road, because it’s been kind of on again, off again,” Gossard told Rolling Stone. “We’ve made records periodically, almost every five years or so. But every time we restart, it’s almost like we’re going, are we really a band? It’s been a journey of a thousand miles, because through all that time, everyone is where they are at that point in their life, and what they were expecting from Brad, and what it could be…. Pearl Jam has a big bright light shining on it all the time, and it’s been amazing, but it also sort of creates unique music when you’re next to that, but you don’t get the same light.”

When asked if Gossard, a man known for his killer rhythm parts, is planning to step up and take on any leads on the upcoming Pearl Jam album, Gossard left it open. “I think there are opportunities to do that, even beyond playing leads during a lead break,” he said. “I love to write melodies that refresh the ear – if Ed [Vedder] is going a certain way, that at some point try to find the opposite of that, so when it comes back to whatever melody he’s singing that it’s even more impactful, because you’ve kind of explored the other side.” Read more about the status of Pearl Jam’s upcoming album, here.

Watch Brad’s Video for ‘Diamond Eyes,’ Featuring Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard:


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