Soundgarden, Nirvana, Zeppelin Inspire Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen


Story by Anne Erickson

Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen was bred on grunge and Seattle rock

Taylor Momsen, lead singer for the Pretty Reckless, has been compared to the likes of Courtney Love for her grungy sound and wild-child looks. As it turns out, Momsen grew up listening to grunge music, thanks to her dad’s deep collection of Seattle tunes and psychedelic rockers.

“My dad … has a massive record collection,” Momsen told Perez Hilton. “So I grew up listening to vinyl, you know all the classics, Beatles, Zeppelin, Who, Pink Floyd, you know AC/DC, Soundgarden, Nirvana. So I just, I kind of grew up with it, and it just stuck.”

Momsen says she’s written a lot songs that never made it on tape. But, she’s gotten better at the art of creating music out of thin air, and nowadays, she and her band go about writing every song differently and with a unique perspective in mind. “I mean, every song is written so differently that there isn’t a direct process writing means, but it starts with an idea whether that be a riff, or a melody, or a lyric, or a concept; whatever it is,” she said. “But it starts with an idea, and then it goes from there. So I mean, every song is kind of done so differently that it’s hard to describe.”

While the Pretty Reckless are really a touring band, right now, the focus is getting out a new record. “Finishing the record was the first thing,” she said. “When it was actually done it was you know, that’s one of — I was so excited. But then, you know writing any type of song — anytime you finish something that’s like the best feeling in the world. And then what comes after that is playing it live, and then from, translating from playing it live to having the fans sing every word to every song back to you is just the most incredible feeling in the world.” Read the full interview via Perez Hilton. (Photo via Facebook.)




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