Voivod to Release Vinyl Live Album, ‘Live at Roadburn’


Story by Charles Ken

Canadian metallers ready vinyl-only release

Fans of Canadian thrash metal group Voivod are in for a treat, as Roadburn Festival has confirmed the upcoming release of Voivod’s “Live at Roadburn 2011” album. The album, which is the festival’s first, offers detailed footage of the metal men during their Midi Theatre and Main Stage during last year’s festival.

Voivod’s set at Roadburn Festival encompassed the band’s meaty discography, from 1984’s “War and Pain” to 2009’s “Infini.” The festival also marked the first time the band played a “Phobos” track with the band’s current lineup of original members Denis “Snake” Belanger (vocals), Jean-Yves “Blacky” Theriault (bass) and Michel “Away” Langevin (drums) along with guitar slinger Dan”Chewy” Mongrain.

Voivod released a new live album, “Warriors of Ice,” last year, and Langevin says the guys were extremely proud of getting out that album. “I feel like it’s an achievement because there was a point where we weren’t sure if there was going to be a new Voivod album,” Langevin told Exclaim! “It’s not a studio album but still something we’re very proud of. It’s good vintage Voivod… it’s long overdue. There was never really a live album with Snake and Blacky since the one before was us as a trio with [ex-bassist/vocalist] Eric Forrest. So, yeah, it’s refreshing to have an album with almost the original lineup involved.”

“Live at Roadburn 2011” will only be available on vinyl, and the pressing is limited to 500 copies. The release, out April 12, was mixed by Marcel van de Vondervoort at Torture Graden Studios in Oss, Netherlands and mastered by James Plotkin. Find more information on Voivod’s official site.


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