Zakk Wylde ‘Bringing Metal to the Children’ Preview Excerpt Available


Story by Anne Erickson

William Morrow releases preview excerpt from Zakk Wylde’s upcoming book

Zakk Wylde’s upcoming handbook to all things heavy metal, “Bringing Metal to the Children,” is set to arrive April 10 on William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. The book, which is co-authored by Eric Hendrikx, promises tales of all good things metal, including Wylde’s “survival techniques for maintaining a life on the road, managing a band of raging Vikings, and somehow making it on stage and blowing the crowd away night after night,” not to mention killer tales of hanging with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, Alice in Chains bass slinger Mike Inez and other heavy music personalities.

Want to sample the book a bit early? Of course you do! To read an excerpt from “Bringing Metal to the Children,” head to William Morrow’s Facebook page, “like” it and you’ll get to view an exclusive section from the Wylde-approved tale.

Wylde caught up with us last year to chat about how it feels to inspire a new generation of metal guitarists with his music. “Let me put it this way: If I can inspire some kid to want to pick up guitar like how Eddie Van Halen and Jimmy Page and all of those guys still inspire me, then that’s awesome,” he said. “I’m like a 14-year-old kid when I listen to them. Like up in the Bunker, there are no photos of me. I’ve got pictures of Jimmy Page, Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, Keith Richards, John McLaughlin, Robin Trower—all the guys I dig. Because at the end of the day, I’m still a fan. It never gets old.” (Photo credit: Anne Erickson.)


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