Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell on New Album: ‘It’s an Alice Record’


Story by Charles Ken

Alice in Chains are heading back into the studio to work on their latest album

Alice in Chains who are hoping to hear new music from the guys are in luck. Now that Jerry Cantrell has fully recovered from his recent shoulder surgery, the guitarist reports the ‘90s grunge gents are going back into the studio to officially start recording a follow-up to their 2009 release, “Black Gives Way to Blue.”

“It‘s time to get to work and the material is really interesting, the body of work that we’ve done,” Cantrell explained to Rolling Stone. “It’ll be as different as any one of our records is to any other, and it’ll also be just as recognizable. It’s an Alice record, for sure.”

Cantrell also promised the style of the group’s upcoming set will be along the lines of classic Alice in Chains, and not flutter off into some experimental territory. “Albums, to me, are like snapshots of periods of time, and it’s kind of a mosaic of all the people involved,” Cantrell said. “It’s a process that you go through to make it happen lyrically and musically. It’s always been our style to tell our story.”

As for when the album will drop, Cantrell said that he’s shooting to release the new set either this year of in early 2013, but the release date isn’t really a point of concern right now. “We’ve been very lucky to be able to kind of do things at our own pace for our entire career,” he said. “And this is no exception.”


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