Alter Bridge Frontman Myles Kennedy Talks Slash Album, Solo Project


Story by Cat Badra

Alter Bridge singer is using 2012 to write and tour with Slash

Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy is using the band’s break this year wisely by focusing his time on writing new music and touring with Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash. Kennedy sings lead vocals and handles songwriting duties on Slash’s upcoming solo album, “Apocalyptic Love,” which is out May 22.

Speaking with Metalshrine, Kennedy explained that the guys wrote the songs in two different stages.  “As far as the writing goes, Slash and I wrote the songs and brought the songs to Todd [Kerns, bass] and Brent [Fitz, drums] and started arranging them as a band and they were very helpful in that respect, as was Eric Valentine, the producer,” Kennedy said. “There were different stages that helped us achieve our goal.”

Kennedy went on to name some going favorites off the album. “ …I´m really happy with how the whole record turned out and there are a few tracks I kinda find myself listening to,” he said. “There´s a song called ‘Not for me’ which from a thematic and lyrical standpoint definitely took some soul searching and some digging. I´m very happy with how that turned out.

“There´s a song called ‘Standing in the sun’ which I think has a really good feel to it. It might be my favorite solo that Slash played on the record. I think it´s a really incredible solo. Those are two songs that constantly come to mind for me.”

Aside from Alter Bridge and Slash, Kennedy also has a solo album in the cooker. But, don’t expect it to drop any point soon. “ …With this record coming out, we’re gonna be touring extensively so there is just no window of time,” he said. “That is probably the hardest part, trying to get that finished up and out there and just finding a period where I can promote it somewhat. Not just throw it to the wind and it’ll disappear.”


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