Carrie Underwood Reveals Love for Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains


Story by Cat Badra

Country singer Carrie Underwood is a huge fan of ‘90s grunge

Carrie Underwood is known for her poppy blend of country crooning, but as it turns out, the singer was bred on a mix of ‘80s metal and grunge. Speaking with Spinner, Underwood admitted that she was a huge grunge fan in the ‘90s, stating that she was “totally into it.”

“I grew up listening to ’80s glam hair metal. And then, when I got older in the ’90s, the whole grunge thing was huge and I was totally into it,” Underwood said. “I was all about Pearl Jam, all about Alice in Chains and Nirvana and all of that stuff.”

The princess of country even admitted to having a stash of plaid shirts she keeps in her closet from her grunge days. “You know those stupid school pictures that you’d always forget about until you got there?” Underwood asked. “I wore those wide-legged jeans, like skater wide-legged jeans and a black and white oversized plaid shirt. And I remember when I got my picture back, one of my friends saying I looked like I was going to go rob somebody. Like, I was a menace!”

She added that her latest studio album, “Blown Away,” was influenced by a variety of genres, not just country. “I feel like now people don’t listen to one genre of music. They don’t listen to one specific kind of artist. My iPod is rannn-dom,” she said. “I would guess everybody else’s is, too. It’s OK to listen to random things back to back, and I definitely feel like I’m influenced by that.”


Cat Badra
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