Tool’s Maynard James Keenan Comments on His Aversion to the Spotlight


Story by Cat Badra

Keenan: ‘I feel that as a culture, we’ve lost touch with things’

Legendary rock frontman Maynard James Keenan is known for his media-shy behavior, from singing in the darkness during shows to avoiding media fanfare at any cost. So, why does the singer for Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer shun the limelight so much? Even he has a hard time answering that one.

“That’s a big question,” Keenan said, when asked by the QMI Agency if the reason he’s so camera shy is personal discomfort, part of the art or a comment on fame. “I feel that as a culture, we’ve lost touch with things. And as individuals, we’re kind of crippled. We’re living in the age of the guru, the leader, the idol. But the idol worship thing is over. You’re just spinning your wheels with that; you’re not helping yourself. You’ve kind of missed the point. You need to stand on your own two feet, and then collectively, as strong, self-sustaining individuals, we can all move forward.

“If I can teach anybody anything, it’s to figure out how to do it yourself. Figure out the value of a dollar, learn the value of your time and what it takes to make something happen on your own. Don’t rely on anybody else. As soon as we all figure that out, we’ll be a much stronger group of human beings globally.”

Keenan is currently touring North America with Puscifer, his electro-industrial, comedy-rock project, in support of the band’s 2011 release, “Conditions of My Parole.” The band recently announced summer tour dates, and you can find them on Puscifer’s official website.




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