Alter Bridge and Creed Guitarist Mark Tremonti Describes Writing Process for ‘All I Was’


Story by Anne Erickson

Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge and Creed drops his debut solo disc next month

Alter Bridge and Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti is gearing up to release his debut solo disc, “All I Was,” on July 10. The guitar guru says that the hard-rocking songs on the album came together during his time off from touring and recording with Alter Bridge and Creed, so it was a slow process.

“Whenever I work on an album, the writing process takes the most time with me spending two or three weeks writing solos and finishing up my exact guitar parts,” Tremonti told Guitar International. “Then it’s another three months writing the lyrics.

“It was good timing because I was on and off the road. I would come home and record my rhythm guitars, go on the road and write solos, go home and track those solos, go out on the road, write the lyrics, come back, track them. It would have been tough for me to do it all at once.”

Tremonti also explained that some of the songs on the album are nuggets that didn’t make the cut for Alter Bridge and Creed albums over the years. “These ideas were pitched to both bands but never saw the light of day, so I just wanted to make sure I got them out there,” explains the guitarist. “It took about a month to piece it together and I did it when I had a three-month window when [Alter Bridge frontman] Myles Kennedy was out with Slash and [Creed frontman] Scott Stapp was doing some touring.”




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