I Am Empire Recording New Album for Tooth & Nail Records


Story by Cat Badra

Christian rockers I Am Empire working on sophomore LP

I Am Empire are currently in the studio, working on their sophomore release for Seattle’s Tooth & Nails Records. According to a post on Tooth & Nails’ official website, the San Jose, Calif.-based Christian rock group are laying down tracks with producer Brian McTernan (Thrice, Circa Survive) in his Salad Days Studio in Baltimore, Md.

In other I Am Empire news, the guys recently answered some fan-submitted questions from the studio via Formspring. Check out a few questions below, and head to I Am Empire’s Formspring page for the full chat. (Photo via Tooth & Nails Records.)

It’s hard to be a good disciple in the regular world. How much harder is it when you have fans who adore you and you’re out on the road?

Our fans are always an encouragement to us. We have a good relationship with a lot of people all over the country who we would have never met otherwise. We are really thankful for that and for the positive support they always bring us.

What are some of your favorite bands?

Jimmy Eat World, Future of Forestry, Van Halen, John Mayer, Foo Fighters, mewithoutYou.

Do you have any advice for bands trying to come up in the world, with regards to promotion and getting the attention of a record label?

Write quality songs, and hit the road to get noticed. If you are lucky enough to find a record label, work 100 percent on the songs before you release each record. Then you can tour to play for your fans, not to try and play for other people’s fans.

Where did you guys come up with your name?

“I Am” references the Lord’s name as he said in the Bible. “Empire” rounds it out in a cool way for us. We’re all big “Star Wars” fans. So [it’s] not a crazy deep meaning– just a cool name with a built in reminder of who God is and to be ourselves within our own empires.