Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foster the People to Appear on Radiohead Producer’s TV Series


Story by Charles Ken

Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich has booked Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foster the People and more for the new season of his TV series

Radiohead producer and engineer Nigel Godrich has booked a lengthy list of high-profile musicians to be involved in the upcoming season of his podcast-turned-TV-series “From the Basement.” Entertainment Weekly reports that Godrich’s upcoming third season of the series will feature performances by none other than the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Shins, Foster the People and Feist, to name a few. Call it an alternative rock fan’s dream lineup! In addition, Godrich has announced that he’s taking the series one step further this year by broadcasting the shows in 3D.

“I was quite cynical about it [3D] when it was suggested to me,” Godrich told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m very careful about anything that seems like a gimmick, but the technology is so good and it looks so amazing. When you see a photograph of an Impressionist painting, it doesn’t really make sense until you go to France and stand in the museum and watch this thing vibrate in front of your face. It really is another level of intimacy, and it really translates in a really sophisticated way.”

Godrich has yet to announced the date that the series is set to premiere, but he did drop the news that the show will air on the 3D network, 3net, during the summer months. If you can’t catch the show on TV, you can also watch the series in 2D online via


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