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Review by Anne Erickson

The Overseer’s ‘We Search, We Dig’ offers charging hard rock

Solid State Records’ latest metal clan, the Overseer, are set to release their latest album, “We Search, We Dig,” on June 19. On the 10-track collection, the Arkansas-based Christian hard rockers show off lively, sweeping riffs and pulsating anthems with the precision of a group that have obviously honed their skills on the road.

From the get-go, “We Search, We Dig” launches off as an aggressive hard rock record that packs just as much melody as it does pummeling rhythms. Listeners won’t find any run-of-the-mill hooks or cookie-cutter riffs here– just fluid, dynamic, charging rock with big, meaty choruses.

Stand-outs include debut single “Amend” and “Vulture,” both of which are loud and soaring, with eerie harmonies and fist-pumping choruses. “Amend” starts off with a hushed guitar introduction before exploding into gut-wrenching chorus of Anthony Rivera’s screams and Darren King’s thrashing guitars. The theme is one of broken promises and betrayal: “Shaking at the knees / You promised me love / Until we die / Together we breathe / Until death parts you from me / Forever was the promise that we said we would keep…”

Of course, at the heart of the Overseer’s music is the band’s faith, which sets them apart from other like-minded heavy hitters. With the band’s solid songwriting and mix of hardcore and melodic rock, “We Search, We Dig” is steadily putting them on the map as a future leader in the heavy music realm.

The Overseer is vocalist Anthony Rivera, guitarist and vocalist Darren King, bass player Bradley Riggs and drummer Abishai Collingsworth. (Featured photo via Black Lodge Publicity.)

Ink rating: 4 out of 5 Guitar Gauges


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