Coldplay’s Roadie Says Band Saves Front Row Seats for Biggest Fans


Story by Cat Badra

Coldplay’s blogging roadie says the band wants their most loyal fans up front at shows

Coldplay are such nice dudes, that they apparently reserve the best seats in the house for their uber-fans. Coldplay’s blogging roadie (yes, they have a blogging roadie), R42, recent posted on the band’s official website the news that Coldplay reserves the front seats at their concerts for their biggest fans, and the roadies help pick out those top enthusiasts.

“The band don’t sell the tickets to the front few rows anymore,” R42 wrote. “Instead, various crew members are sent out to scan the highest, furthest seats to find folks who look genuinely excited and giddy to be seeing the band. They’re then given tickets to the front row (which quite often looks a very, very long way away from the “nosebleed” seats). Often, folks think it’s a scam and refuse to believe it. Often they go berserk and jump up and down screaming – until they have to calm down before they fall down.”

R42 added that Coldplay believe it’s always the best practice to have their most loyal fans in the front rows. “For [fans], it’s a Willy Wonka golden ticket,” he wrote. “For the band, it’s guaranteed energy from the folks closest to them. It genuinely does make the shows better. How good a show is, is largely to do with how good the audience are. It’s what fuels the whole thing.” Find Coldplay’s current tour dates here.


Cat Badra
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