Florence + the Machine Frontwoman Describes Recent Vocal Injury


Story by Cat Badra

Florence Welch says her voice is back and ready to rock the U.S. this summer

Florence + the Machine frontwoman Florence Welch was forced to cancel two European festival gigs last week due to a “sustained a vocal injury.” The moved caused much worry among Welch’s fans, and now, the singer is telling her fans the whole story about the injury, which happened during one of her latest gigs.

“I actually felt something go pop or snap, or whatever,” Welch told Us Weekly. “It was very frightening. I had to really adjust because it happened in the middle of a show. I had a full check-up and [the doctor] said that there wasn’t any permanent damage that couldn’t be restored without rest.”

Welch also said that she had to change her diet — most notably, cut out caffeine — in order to heal. “No tea, no coffee,” Welch said. “I had been on such a caffeine kick up until then. I was fully back on five diet cokes a day and two coffees in the morning. I was really twitching my way through life, but I was completely loving it. And I had to cut it out completely.”

Now, Welch believes her voice has fully recovered, and she’s more than ready to sing in front of thousands during her North American tour. For a full list of Florence+ the Machine’s current tour dates, visit the band’s official website.


Cat Badra
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