Video Interview: Saving Abel’s Scott Bartlett Talks New Album, Rocking the U.S. Troops and TATCo


Story by Anne Erickson

Saving Abel guitarist Scott Bartlett discusses ‘Bringing Down the Giant’ and more in this exclusive video chat

Memphis rockers Saving Abel are primed to release their latest hard-rocking full-length, “Bringing Down the Giant,” tomorrow (July 17). Guitarist Scott Bartlett recently chatted with Audio Ink Radio about the new album, the band’s work with the U.S. troops overseas and his rock and roll clothing line, TATCo. Watch the video chat below!

“We continue to grow as songwriters and ultimately as men and people, and I think our music reflects it,” Barlett said of the new release. “We pulled off the road, so we had eight months to write this one, and it’s the first time we’ve been able to do that. We have more stories. When you pull off the road, you live your real life, so you tend to write songs more from the heart instead of this rock and roll surface-y thing.”

Bartlett added that the band is completely committed to playing for the U.S. military forces overseas whenever they’re asked. “I think that when we started the band, we were just really happy that we were a rock band that all got along. And as it got bigger and bigger and bigger, it was like, we have to give something back. The military really latched onto us because of [our song] ’18 days.’ And so when that happened, we were just like, ‘Look, if there was a draft, we would be over there, so all we can do is play rock and roll.’”

As for his clothing line, Bartlett says it’s inspired by his tats, and he also carries lines for other rockers. “My company is called TATCo, which is an acronym that stands for the Artist Tattoo Company,” he said. “I put my tattoos on my clothes, and I also endorse a few other people– some of the Shinedown guys and some of the Buckcherry guys.” Check out the line, which also includes female apparel, via

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