Bush’s Gavin Rossdale Says New Band Lineup is Here to Stay


Story by Cat Badra

Bush frontman doesn’t miss original guitarist Nigel Pulsford

Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale is back in the business of making killer grunge rock, as his band’s latest album, “The Sea of Memories,” has scored the band a No. 1 alternative rock hit in “The Sound of Winter.” Of course, for about a decade, Rossdale toyed with the world of solo music, releasing a solo album in 2008 called “Wanderlust” and starting his own band, Institute. Looking back, he doesn’t think that was the best move.

“There were no fireworks. It was almost like the air being sucked out of a building,” Rossdale told Classic Rock Magazine. “There was a side-project [Institute], and then a solo career, by default — that was almost a douche-bag route; who cares about singers making solo records? I needed to be in Bush again.”

While Bush are back today, the lineup is a bit different than it was in the beginning. Original guitarist Nigel Pulsford and original bass player Dave Parsons both opted not to rejoin Bush when the band reunited in 2012, so their playing is absent from “Memories.” In their place is bass player Corey Britz and Helmet guitarist Chris Traynor. Original drummer Robin Goodridge is still with Bush.

Rossdale prefers the lineup just how it is today. “I haven’t even missed Nigel not being in the band,” “It couldn’t be more normal. Nigel just doesn’t want to work anymore, he’s never coming back.” (Photo credit: Anne Erickson.)




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