Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix Found ‘Comfort and Peace’ in Recording ‘The Connection’


Story by Cat Badra

Papa Roach frontman was dealing with personal difficulties while recording the band’s new album

Rock band Papa Roach have been in the news lately, due to frontman Jacoby Shaddix’s vocal problems and the band having to drop off the 2012 Uproar Festival so he can undergo surgery to remove a nodule on his vocal cord. But, it seems that Shaddix dealt with a set of different problems during the recording process for the band’s upcoming album, “The Connection.” Shaddix says that while recording “The Connection” — which reaches retail stores and online outlets on Oct. 2 — he was dealing with a case of suicidal depression, plus trying hard to keep his 15-year marriage together.

“[When] I came into the record, I was a… mess,” Shaddix told Rolling Stone. “I didn’t want to write about what I was going through but the only way I found some comfort and peace is when I started to write and sing about it. To me, this was the most fearless record as far as my experience because it was tragedy in real time, right there on the microphone.”

Thankfully, all is well now. The singer stated that he was able to work through the difficulties while recording and has reconciled with his wife. “Lo and behold, towards the end of making the record, my wife wants to work it out,” Shaddix said. “We just celebrated 15 years married…” Everyone loves a happy ending, and Audio Ink is glad to see that Shaddix and his wife are back on track. (Photo credit: Anne Erickson.)


Cat Badra
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