Thoughts in Reverse’s ‘Sightings’ EP is About Destiny


Story by Anne Erickson

Thoughts in Reverse vocalist says band’s new album is about finding one’s destiny

Budding Syracuse, N.Y.-based metalcore group Thoughts in Reverse have cut their teeth opening for high-profile heavy music bands such as August Burns Red, Texas in July, MyChildren MyBride, Haste the Day and Impending Doom. Now, Thoughts in Reverse are going out on their own, as the gents just unleashed their new EP, “Sightings,” last week.

The album’s motif revolves around the idea that band members’ lives have been slowly leading up to this new release. “With Sightings, we wanted to touch on the idea of being aware of your surroundings and connecting the dots that may or may not exist between events in our lives,” vocalist Brian Magee said in an official statement. “If you believe we all have a destiny and if you believe that there is such a thing as fate, then there are clues that could be pieced together to allow you to see the outcome before it happens… if you choose to look for them, that is.”

It Dies Today guitarist Mike Hatalak produced “Sightings.” Musically, the set offers a hard-hitting, never-stop barrage of aggressive sounds. Fans will find thrash-y riffs a la guitarists Nicholas Panagakis and Scott Garland, guttural vocals courtesy of Brian Magee and meaty, dense rhythms coming from drummer Kory Stuhler and bass player Jon Page. To sample tracks from the album, visit the band’s Facebook page. (Courtesy photo.)