Brian Head Welch’s Love and Death Ink Tooth & Nail Records Deal


Story by Anne Erickson

Love and Death, the metal band fronted by former Korn guitarist Brian Head Welch, is now on Tooth and Nails’ roster

Brian Head Welch first got acquinted with the hard rock and metal word with nu-metallers Korn, and after a period of finding Christ in his life, he left the band and went on to make Christian-themed heavy music as a solo artist. Now, Welch’s own band, Love and Death, has just inked to Seattle-based indie label Tooth & Nail Records.

Welch recently Tweeted out a picture of himself signing the label deal. He’s obviously stoked about the deal.

“This is the contract signing for Love & Death w/Tooth & Nail/EMI. Not signing w/KoRn. Maybe somethin w/KoRn in 10 yrs, who knows,” Welch said.

Love and Death are working quickly on their new album. Right now, the guys are gunning for a Nov. 6 release date for their Tooth & Nail debut.

Welch recently dished about the temptations of fame and success. He feels it was a test of sort, to stay loyal to God. “The glamor of fame, it’s all so plastic,” Welch told Fourth Estate. “I’ve experienced a lot of things that most people won’t ever experience. I had all kinds of chances to flip God off and take my life back, but there’s a testing that we go through. Like fire burns away all the impurities in gold, God’s light worked in my life.”


Anne Erickson
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