Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Schedules Book Signing Tour


Story by Charles Ken

Metallica guitarist gearing up to release horror memorabilia book

It’s no secret that Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett is a big fan of horror memorabilia. Now, the talented six-stringer is releasing his own horror memorabilia book, “Too Much Horror Business,” next month, and he’s commemorating the occasion with appearances in several U.S. cities to sign copies of the read for his fans. In a message on Metallica’s official Facebook page, Hammett announced that the tour will set off in New York City on Oct. 11 and run through Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and Burbank, Calif. Just in time for Halloween, kids!

“This is my gift to all the other horror nerds out there who are just like me,” Hammett explained in an official statement. “It’s been made with great love for all the many characters and movies which guided me through childhood, into adulthood and which still keep me on track today.”

The tour comes just a little over a week after “Too Much Horror Business” hits stores on Oct. 1. For more information on the book, visit Metallica’s official website.

Dates for Kirt Hammett’s ‘Too Much Horror Business’ Book-Signing Tour:

10/11 — New York, N.Y., Barnes & Noble
10/13 — New York, N.Y., Comic Con
10/25 — Los Angeles, Calif., Barnes & Noble
10/26 — Burbank, Calif., Monsterpalooza
10/27 — New York, N.Y., Chiller Theater
11/20 — San Francisco, Calif., Books Inc.




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