Metallica Guitarist Says Band Has ‘Tons of Ideas’ for New Album


Story by Cat Badra

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett says the metal guys have too many ideas for their upcoming new album

While a lot of band struggle over coming up with enough new music in the studio when putting together an album, it seems the guys of Metallica have the opposite predicament. According to guitarist Kirk Hammett, the metal gents are worried that they’ve written too much material for their highly-anticipated, upcoming tenth studio album. Not a bad problem, guys!

“We have tons of ideas, and that really is never a problem,” Hammett recently told Billboard.  “We never have a lack of ideas — if anything, the problem is we have too many ideas.  In about a couple months or so we’re gonna seriously start working it out.”

Aside from the new album, Hammett also said that he’s stoked about band’s next more imminent release, a live DVD titled called “Quebec Magnetic,” which chronicles two of Metallica’s 2009 concerts in Quebec City.  “They were outrageously great and the audience was great and we had a bunch of people filming it,” Hammett explained. “We felt like we’re really doing a disservice just sitting on this great live footage, so we decided to put it out.”  

“Quebec Magnetic” will arrive on DVD and Blu-ray on Dec. 10. For more on all things Metallica, head to the band’s official website.




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