Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready Speaks Out on Affordable Care Act


Story by Cat Badra

Pearl Jam guitarist hopes voters supports candidates who are behind the Affordable Care Act

Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready is urging friends and fans to vote for candidates who support the Affordable Care Act in next month’s election. McCready speak out about the issue in a video called “Life Is a Pre-Existing Condition,” in which he talk about his heart-wrenching trials dealing with Crohn’s disease and his fight with health insurance companies to get insured.

“I’ve been denied [health insurance] coverage two times in my life, and it’s after I’ve been in a big successful rock band,” McCready says in the video, which can be viewed below. “I’ve met a lot of people that have been denied coverage that don’t have the resources to fight the insurance companies, and they shouldn’t have to do that.”

To help further the cause, the guitarist has started a petition where voters may offer their support to only the candidates that are behind the proposal, which ensures comprehensive health insurance reforms to help get everybody insured. More information about the Affordable Care Act and McCready’s petition is available via

Watch Mike McCready’s ‘Life is a Pre-Existing Condition’ Video:


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