Soundgarden and Pearl Jam Drummer Comments on Possibility of Co-Headlining Tour


Story by Cat Badra

Matt Cameron of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam respond to rumors of an impending Soundgarden/Pearl Jam tour

There’s no denying that a Soundgarden/Pearl Jam co-headlining tour would be pretty sick, at least in the eyes or grunge fans out there. With both bands back together and working on new music at the moment, plus the fact that Soundgarden and Pearl Jam share a drummer in Matt Cameron, many have speculated that such a pairing is possibly on the horizon.

Speaking with WAAF, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron commented about the possibility of a tour bringing together Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and even Temple of the Dog, the latter who shares members from both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.

“After I play like, I don’t know, two hours with Soundgarden, my day is done,” Cameron said. “I think when we did the PJ20 show Chris came out to that and we played some Temple of the Dog stuff and it was awesome.”

Cameron went on to suggest that a one-time concert bringing together the famed bands could happen, but it’s all up in the air: “Maybe there might be a one off where that could happen, but I’m not 25 anymore.”




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