Coldplay Writing New Album, Says Chris Martin


Story by Anne Erickson

Coldplay Singer Chris Martin is putting a nix to rumors that the band is taking a hiatus

Coldplay singer Chris Martin caused the blood pressure of fans everywhere to raise a few notches after recently hinting at a band hiatus. Martin told a crowd in Australia that the group might not play any “big shows” for about three years, which started up rumors of a possible Coldplay breakup. Now, Martin is clarifying his statement, stating that Coldplay is taking some time off from global touring, but not from being, well, Coldplay. What’s more, Martin and the guys are already working on new music.

Speaking with the Daily Star (via NME), Martin elaborated on his excitement about Coldplay’s potential. “I’ve been writing songs and I’m so fired up about the band’s future,” Martin said.

Martin went on to gush about how much he loves fronting Coldplay and can’t wait to keep making music with the lads. “I’m fortunate to do what I do and no way do I want to stop,” he said. “This three-year break idea only came about because I said at a gig in Australia that we might not be back there for three years. That’s probably true, but that’s just how a world tour works. No chance are we taking a three-year break.”

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