Youngblood Hawke, ‘We Come Running’ – Song Review


Review by Anne Erickson

Youngblood Hawke’s debut jam “We Come Running” is a catchy, candy-coated piece of alternative pop

Whoever says alternative music hasn’t gone pop needs to check out Youngblood Hawke. The Los Angeles-based indie rockers prove that pop music certainly has a place in the new era of alternative music with their catchy, candy-coated pop anthems that somehow fit on the alternative radio dial.

Case in point: The band current single, “We Come Running,” is currently No. 9 on Nielsen’s BDS Radio alternative chart and mounting. Not bad for a band that doesn’t even have a full-length album out, huh?

With Youngblood Hawke’s current single, “We Come Running,” the band is as upbeat and glossy as ever, fitting alongside indie contemporaries like Fun., Imagine Dragons and Passion Pit. The track opens with cheerful synth beats and glistening grooves, making way for lyrics that could only come from a California band: “Under a pale blue sky / You never felt so cold / Another sleepless night / How could you ever let go / How do you recognize / The dirty face of gold / Behind that crooked line / Where you never knew you’d go.”

Musically, this L.A. band crafts a cornucopia of groovy sounds, with plenty of keyboards, multiple harmonies, delicate drums and lush sonic textures. It may be a tad overly dramatic, but it works, and chances are kiddies will be chanting “We Come Running” for at least a few months to come.

“We Come Running” appears on Youngblood Hawke’s self-titled debut EP.

Audio Ink Rating: 4 out of 5 Guitars


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