Tool Drummer Danny Carey on New Album: We’re Still in Writing Mode


Story by Anne Erickson

Tool’s Danny Carey says the band is still hard at work on their follow-up to ‘10,000 Days’

When, if ever, will Tool release their next studio album? That’s the question in the minds of so many Tool fans these days. The band keeps spitting out small details about the upcoming album, but with no real hint at a release date. Now, Tool drummer Danny Carey has opened up about the album, and he says Tool are still working on the release.

Right now, Carey says the band is in the rehearsing part of the album’s writing process. “We are really just in a rehearsal space at this point, we never really get into a proper studio until everything is completely written, then we book time and knock out the recording process as quickly as possible,” he told Rip It Up. “So we’re still like in the writing mode. So we’re in the rehearsal space here, so we start our rehearsals playing through the old songs to get the cobwebs out of those: we have a gig coming up, then we start working on the new things. So that works out okay, that way.”

As for what might become the “Lateralus” of this new album, the big song that’s going to characterize this release, Carey says that’s an “ever-evolving thing.” He added, “It will probably be over a 20-minute piece when it’s all finished, so it will be a good part of the record. We’re dealing with it in sections, but it’s coming together really well, we’re having lots of fun working on it, that’s for sure.”



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