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Review by Anne Erickson

Atlas Genius offer a catchy, earnest track with ‘Trojans’

Atlas Genius first grabbed the attention of the music world with their indie pop nugget “Trojans,” and now, the track is near the top of the BDS Nielsen alternative radio chart. Musically, the song is a perfect fit for today’s alternative radio wold, featuring a polished but sincere, offering a shiny pop sound with hypnotic keys and subtle guitars.

From the get-go, lead singer Keith Jeffery’s understated vocals grab the listener’s attention with a yearning message: “Take it off / Take it in / Take off all the thoughts of what we’ve been / Take a look / Hesitate / Take a picture you could never recreate.” The plugging rhythms and swirling guitars give the song a catchy, carefree quality and a danceable feel.

The song revs up in the chorus, with bright keyboards and Jeffery singing, “Your trojan’s in my head / Take it off / Take it in / Take off all the thoughts of what we’ve been.” At the same time, the chorus and verses share the same stylistic quality, almost making the song sound like one big line of music as opposed to the usual verse/chorus/verse/chorus structure.

With solid songwriting and an imaginative delivery, it’s hardly a surprise that “Trojans” is the song that catapulted Atlas Genius into the spotlight. The song –- which appears on the band’s debut full-length album, “When It Was Now” -– is a solid start for a band on target to enjoy a lengthy career.

Audio Ink Rating: 4 out of 5 Guitars


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