Stone Temple Pilots Members Suing Former Singer Scott Weiland


Story by Charles Ken

Former Stone Temple Pilots vocalist Scott Weiland is getting sued by STP for breach of contract

Things are getting pretty messy within the Stone Temple Pilots camp, as the members of STP are suing former singer Scott Weiland. Last Friday (May 24), the band went to the Los Angeles Superior Court to file a lawsuit maintaining that Weiland used STP’s name and resources to further his solo career in violation of their business agreement.

The members of Stone Temple Pilots are looking to stop Weiland from using the name Stone Temple Pilots and any of its songs in his solo project, asserting that STP possesses the rights to the band’s assets. Moreover, the members say that no former band member has the right to use the songs and assets because of certain agreements they made in 1996 and 2010.

Stone Temple Pilots went on to say that Weiland disrupted the band’s plans for a 20th anniversary tour in celebration of the group’s debut full-length, “Core,” by always being late for performances and not talking with band members to agree on a tour schedule. Moreover, the claim states that Weiland’s lawyer tried to stop a Los Angeles radio station from spinning the group’s just-released single, “Out of Time,’ which features Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington in Weiland’s place.

In response to the lawsuit, Weiland posted an open letter to fans on his website last week stating that he was “hurt” by STP’s recent performance with Bennington is Los Angeles and that it wasn’t right that STP continued to use the same band name with a different lead singer. He has yet to legally respond to the lawsuit.

Stone Temple Pilots have plans to record new music with Bennington, while Weiland is currently out on the road with his new band, the Wildabouts, playing songs off Stone Temple Pilots’ 1992 “Core” and 1994 “Purple” albums.

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