Pat Smear Looks Back on Nirvana Ahead of ‘In Utero’ 20th Anniversary Reissue


Story by Anne Erickson

Nirvana touring guitarist Pat Smear looks back on his time with the band

Nirvana will release the 20th anniversary reissue of their third and last studio album, “In Utero,” next month. Touring guitarist Pat Smear says looking back on his time with Nirvana, he has nothing but good memories.

“My Nirvana experience was much different than the other three guys,” Smear told Rolling Stone. “For me, it was really new and exciting. There were dark periods, too. But there wasn’t a dark cloud over the whole thing.”

Nirvana would come to an end in 1994 with the death of frontman Kurt Cobain, but not before the band’s legendary “Live and Loud” concert on Dec. 13, 1993, at Pier 48 in Seattle. The Super Deluxe edition of the “In Utero” release will offer the band’s full “Live and Loud” show, and Smear says it was one of the Nirvana’s finest live shows.

“We were on that night,” he said. “If you listen to the shows from back then, it’s just so obvious how into it Kurt was.”

The “In Utero” 20th anniversary editions will arrive on Sept. 24. The Super Deluxe version also offers unreleased demos, rehearsal songs, B-sides and live performances, in addition to the “Live and Loud” concert.

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