Pearl Jam and Soundgarden Drummer Matt Cameron Readies Drum-Centric Album


Story by Anne Erickson

Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden is lending his talents to a new album featuring a collection of drummers

Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron is involved with a new drum-centric side project called Drumgasm, which also features Death Grips and Hella drummer Zach Hill and Sleater-Kinney/Wild Flag drummer Janet Weiss. The band’s upcoming, self-titled release is currently streaming via SPIN.

Weiss says that she came up with the concept for the album, which features all three drummers playing together at the same time.

Weiss says the concept of the album is simply a bunch of drummer friends playing together. “I would say friendship and mutual admiration was the genesis,” she told SPIN. “I just came up with the idea: What if we just rented a studio for a weekend? We didn’t have any plan as to what was gonna happen.”

She added that much of the album was spontaneous. “We ended up playing for these long improv pieces,” she said. “Some were 20 minutes, some were 30 minutes, some were 40 minutes.”

Weiss notes that she hopes the group will hit the road to promote the release sometime soon. “My dream is to go on tour and play some of this stuff live,” she notes. “We would have a great time. That’s my dream tour.”

The band’s self-titled album is due out Aug. 27. The vinyl, which runs $14.99 and comes with a free digital download, is available for pre-order via the Jackpot Records website.

Anne Erickson
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