Creed Singer Scott Stapp to Release Sophomore Solo Album, ‘Proof of Life’


Story by Cat Badra

Scott Stapp’s new solo album, ‘Proof of Life,’ will arrive on Nov. 5

Creed frontman Scott Stapp is stepping out on his own once again. Stapp is getting ready to release his sophomore solo release, “Proof of Life,” on Nov. 5. The album is the follow-up to Stapp’s debut solo effort, 2005’s “The Great Divide.”

“Proof of Life” will offer 11 new songs that follow the themes present in Stapp’s new memoir, “Sinner’s Creed,” including his career with Creed, his early days and his struggle with addiction. Find the full track listing below.

“This is the most meaningful record of my career,” Stapp said in a statement. “This album chronicles my struggles, my journey and it’s the most honest record I have ever written.”

Stapp added that his fans have helped his journey through hard times to a better place. “The fans have always meant everything to me and over the years they’ve come to me and told me how through my music they’ve gotten through the worst of times and that hit me,” he said. “With this album, it’s the first time that when I listened back to the tracks, it became a cathartic experience for me.”

The first single from “Proof of Life,” a tune called “Slow Suicide,” will reach rock radio and digital retail spots on Oct. 8.

Scott Stapp’s ‘Proof of Life’ Track Listing:

“Slow Suicide”
“Who I Am”
“Proof of Life”
“New Day Coming”
“Only One”
“Break Out”
“Hit Me More”
“Jesus Was a RockStar”
“What Would Love Do”
“Dying to Live”

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