Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots Joint Tour Not Likely, Says Chester Bennington


Story by Anne Erickson

Singer Chester Bennington says his two bands, Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots, probably won’t do a big tour together

Given that Stone Temple Pilots have reconfigured their lineup to include Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington on vocals in place of Scott Weiland, many fans are wondering if a Stone Temple Pilots, Linkin Park co-headlining tour is in their future. Well, according to Bennington, while the idea certainly out there, it wouldn’t be easy to pull off: not for him, as least.

“That’s a really great-sounding idea, for everybody that is not me,” Bennington told Florida rock radio station WJRR in a recent video interview. “I think that there may be sometime in the future where we get up and do something together at some point for fun. But actually going out and performing an hour, an hour and a half with Stone Temple Pilots and then an hour and a half to two hours with Linkin Park sounds like I would be able to do that once and then die. It would be like the life expectancy of a fly.”

In other band news, Stone Temple Pilots have officially changed their name to Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington. The band’s new EP, “High Rise,” will arrive on Oct. 8.

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