Pearl Jam Guitarist Stone Gossard Discusses Band’s Success, Longevity


Story by Charles Ken

Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard says band’s success is ‘kind of a dream’

Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard says the band’s lengthy and successful career is “kind of a dream.” Speaking with TheVine, Gossard said selling over 60 million albums around the world and playing huge shows and festivals isn’t what he expected from a career in the music business.

“… It’s funny because all of us started out playing music when we were in our teens and back then the mantra was that there’s not a chance of making any money playing music or of succeeding because it’s just a racket, you never know how it works and you should go back to school or whatever,” Gossard told the publication.

He added, “I think we all just came from an era where we just had a dream, believed in each other and were willful enough in terms of how hard we worked and how strong our convictions were. We went into it wanting to share with each other. We really wanted to be a band for the long term and we didn’t want to make the same mistakes some of our heroes made like breaking up, fighting and not being able to get through tough times.”

Gossard also said he and the guys of Pearl Jam, pretty much, are the same guys who started the band over 20 years ago: “I mean, we have kids now or families and we’ve grown up a lot but we still go into our rehearsals and our recording processes the same… sort of wide eyed, like ‘oh my god, I can’t believe we’re about to do this’.”

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