The Black Keys Announce New Album Via Mike Tyson Tweet


Story by Cat Badra

The Black Keys will release their new album, ‘Turn Blue,’ on May 13

Years ago, bands would announce big news items such as new albums or blockbuster tours in pretty standard fashion: A representative for the group would send out a release, and interested media outlets would share the news. Nowadays, with the advent of social media, it’s not so cut-and-dried. It’s never a sure bet quite how a band will announce its latest endeavor.

The Black Keys are one of those unpredictable bands. The blues-rock duo has been hard at work on a new album, and they just announced the album’s title and release date via Mike Tyson’s Twitter feed.

Tyson’s tweet includes a link to a strange video of a hypnotherapist and a vinyl record spinning on a turntable. The clip wraps up with the image of a fake late-night TV ad that divulges the album’s name and release date. In other words, this was anything but a typical album announcement.

The Black Keys’ new release, called “Turn Blue,” will drop on May 13. The album will mark the group’s first since 2011’s “El Camino,” which scored band members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year and Grammy Award for Best Rock Album.

Cat Badra
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