Early Sub Pop Musicians Release New Album as Vaporland


Story by Anne Erickson

Former members of TAD, Love Battery and the Fluid form Seattle band Vaporland

Vaporland is a new Seattle-based group consisting of former early Sub Pop musicians from Love Battery, TAD and the Fluid. The supergroup of sorts just released its self-titled debut album via Strange Earth Records, the record label founded by Van Conner of Screaming Trees, VALIS, Solomon Grundy and Gardener.

Vaporland brings together Love Battery’s Ron Nine and Kevin Whitworth, TAD’s Kurt Danielson and the Fluid’s Garrett Shavlik, as well as vocalist and percussionist Katie Scarberry.

According to a statement released by Strange Earth Records, Vaporland band members all stay active in various groups throughout Seattle and simply “got together for no other purpose than to rock and have fun.” The statement adds to expect “raw, primitive, loose but tense and true recordings, songs that reveal that grimy, dangerous blues-drenched licks can coexist with angular, driving post punk and ethereal, psychedelic pop and who knows what else to create a soundtrack for your worst and most relentless nightmares and your fondest, most fleeting dreams.” In other words, expect a concoction of many different experimental sounds and attitudes.

For more on Vaporland, head to the band’s official Facebook page.

Anne Erickson
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