Aaron Lewis Names the Song That Sums Up Staind


Story by Charles Ken

Staind frontman Aaron Lewis juggles two musical worlds: rock and country – exclusive

Aaron Lewis wears many hats. For years, he was known as the emotive frontman in post-grunge band Staind, singing introspective rock hits such as “It’s Been a While,” “For You,” “Outside,” “Mudshovel,” “Epiphany” and “So Far Away” to the masses. Now, the singer is devoted to a country music career. In fact, Lewis is playing only a handful of Staind shows this year and focusing on all things country.

Looking back at his career, Lewis knows Staind is the vehicle that put him where he is today. He says it’s not difficult to pick the songs that would sum up each of his projects– rock and country.

“For Staind, ‘It’s Been a While,’ and for my solo work, ‘Country Boy,’” Lewis told Audio Ink Radio. “‘It’s Been a While’ was the No. 1 most-played rock song of the decade, so that’s why it would sum up that project. ‘Country Boy’ has over 21 million views on YouTube. Those two songs I will have to play for the rest of my life.”

Aside from a few sparse festival appearances and casino shows, Staind have no plans to make new music or embark on any major touring in the near future. They’re not calling it quits, though– just still taking a break. Lewis, meanwhile, will be on the road much of this summer in support of his latest country release, “The Road.” For a list of Lewis’ upcoming solo shows, head to his official website.

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