Coldplay Donate $17,000 to Fan with Motor Neuron Disease


Story by Anne Erickson

Coldplay have given $17,000 to help a terminally ill fan’s medial research

Coldplay have donated roughly $17,000 to medical research in tribute to Jody Duff, one of the band’s loyal fans who has motor neuron disease, commonly called MND.

Duff was born with spina bifida, a disorder that happens when the spine is not developed completely before birth and was diagnosed with MND, a terminal disease, a decade ago, according to the U.K.’s Kent Online newspaper. MND doesn’t receive much federal funding in the U.K. or U.S., so Duff started to solicit donations via his JustGiving page.

Coldplay made a recent stop in London, and at the show, Duff’s gave a letter to the band via the staff at Royal Albert Hall. It worked, and Coldplay had their manager come out after the show to ask Duff to come backstage. Once in back, Duff said, “Chris (Martin) stopped whatever he was doing and sat next to me and was genuinely interested in finding out about motor neuron disease.” Martin then even invited Duff, his sister and their friend to an after-party and had them back the next night for Coldplay’s second Royal Albert Hall stint and dedicated the song “Fix You” to Duff.

Coldplay then donated ten thousand pounds — the equivalent of around $17,000 — to the research fund and tweeted out a request to fans to donate. For more information on donating to Duff’s cause, visit his JustGiving page.

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