Mudvayne’s Chad Gray ‘Not Ready to Put a Headstone’ on the Band


Story by Anne Erickson

Chad Gray is giving Mudvayne fans hope of a reunion

Mudvayne isn’t done quite yet. More than four years have passed since the band’s self-titled fifth studio album was released, and the band has been pretty quiet since then, but when asked whether the band was over, frontman Chad Gray said something that gives Mudvayne fans hope.

“I don’t think so. We all still talk,” he told Revolver magazine. “I’m not ready to put a headstone on anything yet.”

This echoes some comments Mudvayne posted last March asserting they hadn’t broken up. “Final explanation… Mudvayne is on hiatus. With respect to all the bandmembers, we are all doing something in music that satisfies our appetite right now. When the time is right, Mudvayne WILL be back in action. In no shape or form is this a disrespect to our fans. We love our fans and will give them all they can handle when it is time. ‘Till then, patience is needed.”

Mudvayne released their debut album, “L.D. 50,” in 2000, and since then have scored a handful of rock radio hits, including “Not Falling,” “World So Cold,” “Dig,” “Happy?” and “Scream with Me.”



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