Sunflower Dead’s Michael Del Pizzo Talks Touring with Powerman 5000 and Hed PE, New Music and More


Interview: Sunflower Dead are out on their sixth and final tour in support of their self-titled debut album

By Anne Erickson

Southern California rockers Sunflower Dead mix elements of nu-metal, modern rock and horror drama into their music, and the result is a truly novel kind of style that makes them different from the pack. The band’s self-titled debut was released in August of 2012, and the guys are currently on their sixth and final tour to promote the release.

Sunflower Dead frontman Michael Del Pizzo spoke with Audio Ink Radio during the band’s stop at this summer’s Dirt Fest in Birch Run, Mich. When asked about the band’s current tour, which also features Powerman 5000 and Hed PE, he said it’s going along swimmingly. “All the bands are getting along phenomenally,” he said. “It’s really shocking, to be honest, because sometimes there’s some band drama, but not on this one. This is the ninth show of the tour, and all of the shows have been packed or sold out, so we can’t complain one bit. It’s been wonderful.”

Sunflower Dead’s 11-song self-titled debut was produced by Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory.

“We recorded the album without ever playing a show,” Del Pizzo said. “We just got together, wrote the songs, recorded with Christian, came up with this goofy look and started touring. And now we’re six tours into it and have sold thousands of records, and we’re doing great, and we’re going to go write a new one after this tour.”

After the Powerman 5000 and Hed PE tour closes out, the band — which includes Del Pizzo, guitarist Jamie Teissiere, guitarist Jaboo, bass player Leighton “Lats” Kearns and drummer Jimmy Schultz — will get to work on their new album.

“If something great pops up, we’ll go back out, but we’re going to try to stay home and write and transform ourselves into the next version of Sunflower Dead,” he said. “Then, we’ll release something 2015 and get back out on the road. We also have a music video for our song ‘Wasted,’ which is newly remixed by producer Eddie Wohl, and it sounds banging, and that will go to radio in about two weeks.”

Anne Erickson
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