Mark Tremonti Talks ‘Cauterize,’ Going Solo and Life as a Frontman


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Interview: Mark Tremonti discusses his upcoming solo album, ‘Cauterize’

Mark Tremonti is known for his killer, lightning-fast guitar chops, but first and foremost, he’s a songwriter. It’s something he’s been doing since he was very young, and it’s a major part of his identity as a musician.

In that spirit, Tremonti is coming up on the release of his second solo album, “Cauterize,” out June 9. The set shows off his penchant for soaring melodies and heavy, hard-charging riffing—something found on the album’s debut single, “Another Heart.” Tremonti sings leads on the set, a departure from what he has done with his other bands Alter Bridge and Creed, and sounds comfortable and poised in the role.

Tremonti and his band, also called Tremonti, are out on the road ahead of the release of “Cauterize.” He chatted with Audio Ink about the new solo album, his other bands what it’s like conquering the idea of being a frontman.

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Congratulations on your second solo album, “Cauterize.” Is making solo albums easier now that you have one solo record under your belt?

I think it’s easier now, because when we did the first album, we didn’t know what we were getting into, and now, we know what we’re capable of doing and have toured and come together as a band. That’s helps. The more experience, the better.

Some artists release solo albums but keep it a studio project. Why did you want to tour with your solo material?

Half of the joy of writing music is being able to perform it. It would be a real shame to sit on these songs and not let them out. These songs are need to be performed live. It would be a big shame not to be able to enjoy that.

You’re known as such a talented lead guitarist. What’s it like singing now, too?

It’s been one of the frustrations I’ve had as a musician—people considering me a guitar player, and actually, I’m 90 percent of time writing songs and vocal melodies. That excites me. It’s good to be able to show people I’m a songwriter and love singing and writing melodies.

Do you get a different kind of thrill singing leads on stage instead of playing guitar?

Yes, it’s a whole other animal. I love singing when I’m by myself and writing, so when you’re singing in front of people, it’s better. The thing I’m trying to get a handle on is being the frontman entertainer, because that’s a whole other skill set that you can only get when you’re out there.

What’s new your guitar company and record label Fret12?

We always has new artists in the pipeline, and we have a lot coming up. We’re getting record to release a new instructional DVD with Clint Lowery of Sevendust, and Mastodon just did a DVD. We’re also a record label for my solo project.

Is it true you already have another album, “Dust,” ready to release?

Yes! I have a second record that’s already mastered and done, and I didn’t want to put out two records at once, because 20 songs is too much for people to digest at once. So, I made two 10 song records, and we’ll see when the next best opportunity is to release it.

What’s up ahead for Alter Bridge and Creed?

We’re getting together next year record new music and get back out on tour. We go back and forth between Alter Bridge and our other things, and Myles Kennedy is with Slash right now, so we made sure we’re out at the same time. Nothing coming up for Creed. I’m so excited about the things I have going on right now, and this keeps be busy.

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