Slash Talks Digital Music, Praises Vinyl


Story by Charles Ken

Slash champions the sonic quality and artwork of vinyl records

Digital music is a hot topic these days, and who better to ask about anything music-related than Slash? The former Guns N’ Roses shredder recently chatted with BitTorrent about the state of digital music, saying, “Constantly shifting is a good way to describe digital music right now. It hasn’t really settled.”

“When you think of digital music, there’s so many places to get it, and it’s in such a constant state of being tweaked,” Slash added. “”I’m still waiting for developments on sound quality, but it’s obviously the primary way people listen to music now. I can’t say I’m necessarily comfortable with it, because it’s in this constant state of chaos. There’s so much happening all the time and it’s hard to say what’s next.”

Slash went on to discuss his love for vinyl records and the artistic quality of vinyl packaging.

“I grew up in the age of vinyl, which is a huge contrast to what it feels like to purchase an album now and what that felt like as a fan, from sonic quality to artwork,” Slash said. “Now the packaging is gone and people are recording from their laptops and their phones. It’s drastically changed and become much more convenient and immediate, but it’s become faceless at the same time. I’m excited to see how this changes in the future.”

As for the sound of vinyl, Slash said, “I think there’s something to be said for the sound quality on vinyl. I still record to tape because I think it sounds so much better. I’m waiting to see when digital is going to be able to develop a similar tonal quality as vinyl.”

He added, “I think everybody co-exists now, people are buying vinyl because it’s cool, or because it sounds better, or because hip to have a vinyl collection right now because of digital. And any of those options is cool! For me, the most important reason is sound quality.”

Photo by Anne Erickson

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