Coldplay’s Chris Martin Designing Global Citizen Festival T-Shirts


Story by Anne Erickson

Global Citizen Festival T-shirts designed by Coldplay’s Chris Martin will be available in H&M stores

It’s no secret Chris Martin is heavily involved with the Global Citizen Festival. This year, the Coldplay frontman helped curate the lineup for the next month’s Global Citizen Festival, as well as put together the merchandise. Martin has designed a T-shirt for the annual event, and the clothing will be for sale starting Sept. 3 in H&M retailers across the nation.

The Global Citizen Festival supports the objectives of sustainability and ending extreme poverty, and in that spirit, H&M is offering points towards winning tickets to the festival for those who donate gently used clothes. Clothing donations will be taken starting Sept. 17 at H&M store locations.

Tickets for the Global Citizen Festival are free, but to get a ticket, you have to collect a number of points by taking steps to help the world’s poor. Then, you can use hose points to enter for a chance to win tickets. For more information on scoring a ticket, visit the Global Citizen Festival website.

The 2015 Global Citizen Festival is set for Sept. 26 in New York City’s Central Park. Headliners this year include Coldplay and Pearl Jam.

Anne Erickson
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