Krist Novoselic on Whether Kurt Cobain Could Have Been Saved


Story by Cat Badra

Krist Novoselic talks about Nirvana’s legacy

Could Kurt Cobain have been “saved” from committing suicide? Spin founder Bob Guccione, Jr. asked Krist Novoselic that questions as part of the publication’s “30 Years, 30 Stories” series.

“He should have never done that, what he did,” Novoselic told the publication. “I don’t know. It happens all the time, it happens every day. I think he was out of his mind on heroin. I remember seeing him those last days and he was loaded, and so he wasn’t thinking clearly when he did that.”

One month before Cobain committed suicide, he tried to kill himself while in Rome. Novoselic describes Cobain as “was really weird” after the event Rome.

“I wish Kurt would have lived and then was like a monk somewhere,” he said. “He would’ve been a great monk, and he could’ve been a great painter, he could’ve been a great sculptor. He was such a talented artist, he could’ve done whatever he wanted to do. He didn’t have to do what he did.”

So, if Cobain and Nirvana were still alive today, would their music have survived, too?

“Maybe we would suck, I don’t know,” he said.

But, maybe not.

“Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters are on top of the world,” Novoselic said. “So he kept the flag going for rock n’ roll, he’s just, like, the leading act in the world, rock band. So it’s just hard to speculate.”



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