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Interview: Get to know Texas metal band Shattered Sun

Shattered Sun are riding high on the release of their thrash-y, hard-charging album, “Hope Within Hatred,” which dropped last year. The Texas metal band is also getting its name out the old fashioned way—by touring. They wrapped up a major trek with Testament and Exodus last year and are continuing on the road in 2016.

The guys of Shattered Sun are on the road with Ill Nino starting with a gig today (May 17) in Richmond, Virginia.

Vocalist Marcos Leal checked with Audio Ink Radio right before the tour kickoff to discuss touring with Ill Nino, the meaning behind the new album and more.

Testament’s Chuck Billy has you on his promotion company, Breaking Bands, right?

Yes! We’re part of the powerhouse management team Breaking Bands, fronted by Billy, (Adrenaline PR CEO) Maria Ferrero and Jonny Z. We’re very thankful and grateful to be a part of it.

How did that friendship and partnership form?

It all started with a friendship with Spineshank guitarist Mike Sarkisyan. He introduced us to Maria at the absolute right time. It was kind of fate in our eyes. Breaking Bands was an idea at that point– an idea that was about to become reality, and we just crossed paths with them at the right time. Maria heard the first tracks off the album, “Hope Within Hatred” and “The Ultimatum,” and loved them. She spoke with Jonny and Chuck, and they flew down to Texas to meet us… Our lives changed once we met them, and we owe them everything, because there was a time when we were all sitting on a porch thinking about what the album would do and who we would tour with just kind of wishing and hoping. Fast-forward a year, and we accomplished most everything we set out to do. This band is very proud of making good on their faith in us.

You toured with Testament and Exodus last year. What were those shows like?

I look back at that tour now a year later, and it’s still my favorite. Not only did we get to go with Chuck and the guys, not only were we on the most metal tour of the year, not only was our album going to be released on the road, but most important, these guys actually accepted us and didn’t treat us like some scummy opening act. They took us under their wing and showed us how to be pros and had a killer time doing it. It was our first show as professional musicians and definitely a very special tour to us, and we thank all those guys so much for being so cool with us newbies.

You’re hitting the road with Ill Nino this month. Are you stoked?

I’m actually writing this out on the way to the first show. Stoked is an understatement! I’m ecstatic. I stood in line for “Confession” and have been a fan of the band since they first hit the scene. It’s an honor to not only me but the entire band and crew. We’re proud to be part of this and looking forward to getting back to the fans and raging as hard as we can.

I like the title of your album, “Hope Within Hatred.” What’s the meaning or idea behind picking that title?

Hope for humanity. Having hope for a better tomorrow. I see that belief to be dying more and more every day. There’s less Optimism in our youth. It’s proving itself even more so as the days go by. But, I’m of the belief that people can change that, and we can change the future for not only ourselves but those who come after us– having hope in something people have lost hope in.

I just wrote about something that really meant something to me, something I had passion to really say. I wouldn’t say we are a very preachy band or try and force a message onto our audience. We are actually really laid back and like to have a good time and have fun with the crowd. I’d say the positivity comes from the lyrics. This is something I really had passion for, and that’s what’s going on right now in the world.

What’s next for Shattered Sun?

We have some upcoming tours here in the next few months, as well as launching our new Shattered Sun website and, of course, finishing up writing for our new record that we’re set to record later this year.

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