Disturbed’s David Draiman Talks ‘The Sound of Silence’


Story by Charles Ken

David Draiman says Disturbed’s cover of ‘The Sound of the Silence’ is a tune his parents can enjoy

Things keep getting bigger for Disturbed. The metal band’s cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” not only hit No. 1 on the active rock charts earlier this year, but it’s found crossover success with a mass of people who had never heard of Disturbed’s heavier breakouts, such as “Down with the Sickness” or “Indestructible.” The song has been on the Billboard’s Hot 100 charts since March. It’s also the first Disturbed tune to be sent to Top 40 radio and has more than 56 million YouTube views and counting.

David Draiman has fronted Disturbed for more than two decades, and he’s stunned by the song’s response.

“I couldn’t be more flabbergasted by the whole thing,” Draiman told The Wall Street Journal.

It’s a song everyone in Draiman’s family can appreciate.

“(It’s a song) that my parents can play for their friends with pride without having to warn them not to be frightened ahead of time,” Draiman said. “I have fans saying, ‘Finally, me and my mom can actually agree on music for once!'”

“The Sound of Silence” also highlights Disturbed’s melodic side and Draiman’s powerful, almost operatic vocals.

“We pride ourselves in being rhythmic and aggressive, but we also have been intensely melodic,” Draiman said. “Any of our root melodies, you could pull from our bed of music and place in any other bed and it will make sense. There’s still big hooks and I think that’s what they are discovering.”

“I’m not a screamer,” he added. “I’m a singer.”

The guys of Disturbed are currently on tour and have plenty of festival dates ahead. Find their updated schedule on their website.

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