Radiohead Rehearsed 120 Songs for Tour


Story by Cat Badra

Radiohead like to be spontaneous on tour

Radiohead are on the road behind their latest studio album, “A Moon Shaped Pool,” and in Radiohead tradition, their set list has been all over the place. One night’s show even included a performance of the band’s radio hit “Creep,” which Radiohead very rarely plays live.

Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood told BBC Radio that the guys rehearsed each of their songs before hitting the road. That’s a lot of tunes.

“We started with 120 (song),” Greenwood said. “It’s crazy. I mean, it’s just every song we’ve done.”

“Then we gave up and realized that was stupid and got it down to about 60 or 70, and we played 24 songs a night,” he added. “So there’s a lot to choose from.”

Even though it’s refreshing to have a different set list each night, Greenwood says it does keep the band’s crew on its toes.

“It drives our crew crazy, as you might imagine, because they don’t know what to do with the lights,” Greenwood said. “But that’s okay. We’ve always been like that. We’ve always decided the set list just before we play.”

Radiohead will start their tour of the U.S. in July.

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