Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph Thinking About New Album


Story by Charles Ken

Twenty One Pilots are starting to think about the follow-up to ‘Blurryface’

Twenty One Pilots have achieved major crossover success with their 2015 album “Blurryface,” taking the guys from the top of the alternative charts to the Top 40 playlist. Now, singer Tyler Joseph is starting to point his ideas towards the group’s follow-up album.

“Looking forward to the next record, I feel a greater sense of freedom and less pressure,” he told Alternative Press. “I felt a lot more pressure going from (2013’s) ‘Vessel’ to ‘Blurryface.’ It didn’t happen the way (people) talk about it. There wasn’t a massive single (from ‘Vessel’) that projected into the pop charts.”

“What we did was still different from their formula,” he added. “Because it got beyond a certain point, I feel so much confidence that I can look at those people and look at myself and say, ‘I know what we’re making is for a group of people out there that want to hear it.’ That’s all the confidence I need.”

Joseph says one way the next Twenty One Pilots album will differ from “Blurryface” is that it will be more confident, in a sense.

“I’m not saying the songs will sound confident, I’m saying the song structures will,” he explained. “Lyrically, the songs will always be the same reason why I started writing them in the first place — to say things that I felt I couldn’t say in a regular context.”

Twenty One Pilots are currently on the road behind “Blurryface” on their Emotional Roadshow tour.

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