Disturbed Singer David Draiman Recalls First Audition


Story by Anne Erickson

Davis Draiman remembers what it was like to audition for Disturbed

August 4 marked the 20th anniversary of the day Disturbed frontman David Draiman auditioned for the band. Draiman took to Facebook to reflect on his memories from his audition for the group.

“I walked into their rehearsal spot on the South Side of Chicago, and the guys looked like they were from ‘skid row,'” Draiman wrote on Facebook. “All wearing faded/frayed, acid washed jeans, flannel shirts (halfway open…of course…lol), long, feathered and flowing hair, and converse all stars, with no laces, with the tongues out.”

Draiman continues the post, stating, “could not have felt more out of place.” He instantly felt like he fit in, however, when the guys started playing music together. The guys asked Draiman if he wanted to try jamming to any cover songs, but instead, Draiman asked if they had any original songs. They did, but weren’t sure how Draiman was going to come up with vocals on the spot.

“‘But what are you going to sing?'” Draiman recalled the band members asking. “‘You didn’t have the music ahead of time, and didn’t have the chance to write anything to it.'”

His response? “‘I’ll come up with something,'” he wrote. “I said, ‘Just go ahead and play, and I’ll improvise.”

The guys played while Draiman improvised the vocals, and what came out was an early version of the tune “Want,” which is on Disturbed’s debut studio album, 2000’s “The Sickness.”

Disturbed are still making music and touring. Their sixth studio album, “Immortalized,” dropped last year.

Photo by Anne Erickson

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