Mark Stoermer of the Killers Announces Solo Album, ‘Dark Arts’


Story by Charles Ken

Killers bass player has a new solo set on the way

The Killers are touring much at the moment, and while the guys take a break, bass player Mark Stoermer is forging ahead with his second solo album. The album, named “Dark Arts,” will arrive Aug. 5. The album’s debut single, “Spare the Ones that Weep,” is streaming now via

“The lyrics take on multiple levels,” Stoermer said in regards to “Spare the Ones that Weep.” “There’s a fantasy element. It’s a daydream from someone watching the film who wants to be inside of it.”

On top of releasing “Dark Arts,” Stoermer is reissuing his first solo album, 2011’s “Another Life.”

Due to Stoermer’s solo release, he’s not currently on tour with the Killers, and the band only has a few shows schedule for this year, anyway. The Killers, however, are working on a new album, and Stoermer is involved with that release.

Mark Stoermer’s ‘Dark Arts’ Track List:

“Alchemical Formula”
“Drifting Caterpillar”
“Spare the Ones that Weep”
“39 Steps”
“Avarice/What’s Coming”
“The Break In”
“Take My Time”
“Blood and Guts (The Anatomy Lesson)”
“Tow the Line”
“Are Your Stars Out?”
“What Was In-Between”
“Pretend Song”

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